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About Us

We’ve been in High Voltage (HV) from the beginning. We live it. We breathe it. 

That perhaps sounds a bit obsessive, but believe us… we’re toning it down. The thing is, until we started Frost EV Parts (our previous name), designers of prototype electric vehicles had no easy means of procuring HV connectors or cable. Now they do… and the market is growing significantly.

Where we’ve come from…

Frost EV Parts was started by Gary and Richie Frost. Between them they have over thirty years’ experience in electronics engineering and high voltage system design, including electronics projects in Formula1. A joint venture with Raffenday was then initiated, and in 2018 a full rebrand to Raffenday EV took effect. It’s a marriage made in heaven!

Moving forward…

Since joining forces with Raffenday Ltd, we’ve been investing heavily in tooling and process development so that we can manufacture all our HV connector assemblies in-house. That gives us total control over quality, design, and delivery, which in turn enables us to provide an outstanding level of customer service. 

Whether you’re working on a one-off prototype or managing a medium sized production run… we can supply you with the right HV connectors and cables for your needs, quickly, anywhere in the world.